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Hi!, so I know I said that I would do a giveaway once I got 100 followers, but I am hosting a giveaway on my kpop blog too, so I just figured I should take them both on the same time, so I don’t need to pay so many times….

well, should we go on to the rules?


  1. No need to follow me, but followers will get something from LEDApple’s official FB shop ~ AND DON’T FOLLOW IF YOU PLAN TO UNFOLLOW ME AFTER THE GIVEAWAY IS OVER. IT’S MEAN
  2. Reblog/Like this post, like only once, but reblog as much as you want (but please dont spam your followers)
  4. You can live everywhere in the universe. I don’t mind shipping to Jupiter. 


  • The giveaway ends on April 25th 2014!
  • There will be 2 winners!
  • 1st place gets 2 LEDApple albums + 3 official stuff!
  • 2nd place gets 1 LEDApple album + 2 official stuff!
  • I’ll not publish their url’s unless they want to!




TVXQ! 7th album repackage SPELLBOUND GIVEAWAY

I promised that when I reached 1k followers I’d do a giveaway so here it is! :D


  • Reblog this post (as much as you want but just don’t spam your followers).
  • Likes do not count.
  • You don’t have to follow me unless you like my blog.


  • You DO have to follow this blog (hehehe yes I’m shamelessly promoting my new blog).
  • Giveaway blogs DO NOT PARTICIPATE.

Winner will be chosen with a number generator. The more you reblog the higher your chances of winning.

Winner will be notified via inbox (you must have your ask enabled) and will have 48 hours to reply or another winner will be picked.

I will ship worldwide.

Giveaway deadline is May 31st.



hello! i’ve recently reached my follower goal and i am really thankful! so here is a little present for you all B)

prizes (there will be three winners)

first winner:
-first sensibility - bap (album)
-skool luv affair - bangtan (album)
-$75 (USD) for kpoptown

second winner:
-first sensibility - bap (album)
-skool luv affair - bangtan (album)
-$50 (USD) for kpoptown

third winner:
-first sensibility - bap (album)
-skool luv affair - bangtan (album)
-$25 (USD) for kpoptown

rules: you must be following these rules, if you don’t and you’re chosen as the winner then i will chose another winner! giveaway will end may 31st.

  • it would be really nice if you’re following me, but you don’t have to because i don’t want a whole bunch of unfollowers after the giveaway. (but if u followin me and u win u gonna get a special prize)
  • you can reblog as many times as you want, but please don’t spam your followers. no giveaway or side blogs allowed, because that’s unfair to the other people entering this giveaway. also, likes do count as one entry.
  • i will be using to choose the winners for this giveaway.
  • please make sure that your ask box or submit is open so i am able to contact you if you win. you would have 24 hours to respond and if you don’t respond within the time limit i will have no choice but to choose another winner.
  • please also be comfortable with sharing your address and email, i promise i won’t stalk you or anything.
  • shipping is free, so it is not included in what is in the prizes. i am willing to pay extra to ship wherever.
  • this giveaway is an international giveaway. so anyone from anywhere is able to enter.
  • the winners may or may not be publicly announced, due to recent cases where the winners were sent hate. but i may announce the winners if they want me to.
  • the two albums (and whatever they include: posters, photocards, ect.) will be bought directly from kpoptown. links here (x)(x)
  • if you have any questions or if you are confused on anything, please contact me via ask and i’ll be happy to answer.

good luck to everyone ur all gucci god bless america

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